What Does Equity Do?

There are three strands of work which Equity does as a trade union:


This Network will provide a platform for you to campaign on issues which affect you as professional dancers. Whether it be the proliferation of low pay / no pay work, workplace conditions or pressuring employers to use union contracts; campaigns will be developed by you, the Network members.

If as a dancer you feel passionate about these issues and want to become involved in our organising group, email us: Beth Doran bdoran@equity.org.uk or Nicholas Keegan ndlkeegan@googlemail.com.


Your Terms and Conditions

Equity’s key purpose is to negotiate terms and conditions for our members working in the performing arts industry, and we do this through bargaining with employers and their representatives on your behalf.

This negotiation results in many employers using Equity contracts, although in the dance industry many employers refuse to engage with the union.

For those working in the freelance sector, we can always advise on rates and conditions for most types of work you undertake. If you’re an Equity member, we can look over contracts which you have been offered and give advice on them.


Your Equity membership gives you access to numerous services to help you in your professional life. We’re there to help you when things go wrong or when you just need advice from someone in the know. We also provide a number of valuable performance-related insurances for our members.
Have a look at the ‘Equity Benefits’ page on this website for more information.


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