Mission Statement

To improve standards and empower the varied community of freelance dance artists working in the subsidised dance sector.

To raise and improve awareness of our rights as workers and therefore demand value for the highly specialised and versatile work that we do, with the aim of breaking stereotypes, and building the value of our profession as a whole.

This does not mean making unreasonable demands that could decrease the quantity of jobs in the arts sector, but aims to create an empowered and responsible community that will no longer have a reputation for accepting inferior conditions.

Dance can be a highly physical and demanding profession and as workers we are among the most vulnerable in the performing arts industry. This means we must be united in protecting our working standards and the economy of our profession.

Subsidised companies have a responsibility to use union contracts and rates for dance artists.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to not settle for less, and not allow our skills and our profession to be undervalued. A dancer should not be made to feel replaceable if they expect a basic standard of working conditions.



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