Equity Benefits

In addition to Equity’s campaigning and negotiating work, membership includes a number of individual benefits which freelance dance artists find invaluable:

Equity membership costs just £12.00 per month by direct debit, plus a one-off joining fee of £30| Full details click here.

Help and Advice – we advise Equity members on a wide range of work-related matters. We can give you advice on contracts you’ve been offered, whether they are Equity contracts or not. We are here to support you throughout your working life and always want to hear from members about their experience in the workplace.

Accident Cover – if you injure yourself whilst rehearsing, training, auditioning or travelling to-and-from your performance-related work, and you can’t work because of your injury, you can claim £150 a week for 52 weeks (excluding the first two weeks of injury). Find out more

Dancers and Physical Artists Accident Insurance – with the same conditions as above, allows you to access private MRI or RIB treatment, plus associated costs, up to £1,000. This cover costs £12.88 a year. Find out more

Dance Passport – offers reciprocal protection from partner unions across Europe to dancers who are working on short contracts abroad. Each partner union offers a different range of services and assistance. The Dance Passport is a free service for members, but you do need to register through Lucy Cadena: lcadena@equity.org.uk.

Public Liability Insurance – full Equity members are covered by up to £10million of PLI. This is necessary if you are teaching dance, or are putting on one person shows.

Tax and Welfare Helpline – This is open on Monday and Thursday – 0207 670 0223. The Helpline gives free advice to members on National Insurance, Tax, Jobseekers Allowance, Welfare Benefits and Pensions. There are also guides to tax, NI and JSA available in print and online.

Backstage Insurance – This covers loss or damage to personal property when performing or rehearsing in any theatre or studio, or travelling to or from your dance-related work on public transport.

Equity Pension Scheme – a fully portable scheme designed for those working in the performing arts sector. You can contribute flexibly and when working on many Equity contracts your employer will contribute. Find out more