Equity’s New Dance Committee Elected

The results are in!

Your new representatives on the Equity Dance Committee are:

Rachel Birch-Lawson
Hannah Buckley
Chris George
Merry Holden
Chihiro Kawasaki
Yukiko Masui
Gareth Mole
Flora Wellesley Wesley
Sara Wookey

The election was closely fought, with only a handful of votes between some candidates (proof if it were ever needed that your vote matters!) – so we say a big thank you to everyone who stood for election, including Genevieve Say, Penny Chivas and Thomas Herron who weren’t elected.

This was the first contested election for the Dance Committee which is a big milestone in our short history, and we hope that unsuccessful candidates will continue to play a key role as Equity’s dance community goes from strength to strength.


In 2015, one year after the foundation of Equity Freelance Dance Network, we achieved the formation of a permament Dance Committee within Equity’s democratic structure.

The Committee is made up of nine professional dancers, dance artists and choreographers and a new committee is voted in every two years by Equity members. The committee gives us a solid structure and union resources to work on campaigns and priorities.

Welcome to the new committee! Now let’s get to work!


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