Dance Committee at ARC 2016


Equity’s Dance Committee represented us at Equity’s Annual Conference earlier this week. The Conference is an opportunity for representatives of the union to decide on policy for the year ahead. Each Committee and Branch of the union is able to put forward a ‘Motion’ which is voted on and debated by the whole of the conference.

This year Gareth Mole, Chair of the Equity Dance Committee and Yukiko Masui, Dance Committee Representative, put forward a Motion calling on Equity to investigate how the Arts Councils’ policy on fair pay is being applied in practice.  This was supported by Nick Keegan, Equity’s Dance Councillor.

The Motion was supported unanimously by the Conference, which means we will be taking this forward over the next few months:

MOTION 42: Dance Committee:

“This Annual Representative Conference expresses concern about how the United Kingdom’s arts councils’ policies on pay are being applied in practice. Committee members have anecdotal knowledge of workers on state-funded projects being engaged on less than minimum union rates.

Conference agrees that concrete evidence would be valuable in understanding how widespread this practice is and that this evidence could form the foundation of a campaign to encourage higher accountability of the arts councils to their policies on pay.

This Annual Representative Conference calls on the Equity Council to consider committing resources to undertake an audit and report of companies and individuals who have received public funding from the arts councils of the United Kingdom, for the purpose of investigating whether the councils’ policies on pay are being applied in practice.

Conference further calls on the Equity Council for the option of developing a campaign based on the findings of the report.”




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